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Whether you’ve been made redundant, are about to graduate, or are just looking to move into a new job, it’s certain that if you’re currently job hunting, then you will have to endure the nerve-wracking event that is: the Job interview (dum, dum, dum!!).

Anyone going for a job interview knows that it’s not necessarily about what you actually say in the interview (although this is pretty important), but it is also about your body language or your appearance, from your clothes to how you style your hair. It would be nice to think that we are judged on our personalities, but the unfortunate truth is that, as humans we subconciously judge people on appearances.

So, of course you know to dress smart, wear subtle make up and behave in a confident manner, however, have you ever thought about your nails? If not, you might be surprised to know, that they could be slowing you down.

Of course, we’re not telling you that you have to go get an expensive manicure the night before your interview (although, we’re not telling saying that you can’t either), but we are saying that it is so important that you don’t go in wearing chipped, or messy nails, because all this says is that you don’t really care about making a real effort.

So, what colours should you not be wearing?

Neon - This could be yellow, pink, green, blue, it doesn’t matter matter, if it’s neon then, unless you’re being interviewed for a night club, or a nail polish company, these shades will not leave a good impression. Neon suggests fun-loving, social and potentially slightly immature, which are not what you want. You want your potential employer to know that you’re reliable, and won’t be turning up late, because you’ve been out drinking the night before.

Gold or Silver – Gold and silver shades, give the impression that you like the expensive things in life. Although not necessarily a bad thing, this could give the impression that you are more interested in the money, rather than the actual job, which doesn’t bode well with many employers. Some people also think that silver and gold implies that you think that you are better than others. Wearing gold or silver nail polish, is almost as much of a no-no, as turning up looking like Mr T (ie dripping in jewellery).

Black - Whilst black is becoming a more trendy and popular colour, and not necessarily attributed with being moody or depressed, it could still be a very bad move. White is considered innocent, and rule-keeping, whilst black is it’s complete opposite, and implies rebellion and anti-rules. An employer could worry that you won’t follow rules well, and will seek to cause disorder, even if this is not the case. Hollywood rebels Lindsey Lohan and Mischa Barton, are both well-known for wearing black nail polish.

What colours will leave a great impression?

Red - Red suggests passion and empowerment, and it is often perceived that a woman with bright red nails know exactly what she wants out of life, and she knows exactly how to go about getting it. Red exudes confidence, because it is such a bold colour.

Clear - Clear polish with trimmed, even nails look neat, and give the impression that you are tidy, punctual and put attention into what you do. It also suggests that you’re easy-going and can keep your cool when under pressure.

Pastel - Pastel shades are quite warm in colour, and suggest that you’re warm and friendly, and make friends easily. This is perfect, because employers love team players, and want to know that you’ll be able to build professional, as well as personal, relationships without too much hassle.

Hot PinkHot pink is potentially a no-no, because it could imply that you have a bit of an attitude. However, depending on the job, could also be a really good colour to choose. Hot pink suggests energy and drive, implying that you’re a forward-thinker, highly motivated and incredibly pro-active, all of which are highly sought after traits in many jobs.

When it comes to nail art, we strongly recommend keeping it simple and subtle, and not at all bold and “in-yer-face”. You want your future employer to take you seriously, and not think that you’re some kind of airhead.

Whichever colour you choose for your all important job interview, remember to wear it confidently. Good luck, and enjoy your nails.

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