Nails for Older Women

Hey everyone, well, the hot weather seems to be here to stay, so before you reach for the sun lotion, don’t forget that your hands need looking after in the sun too. Keep your hands and nails happy with plenty of moisturiser, and a lick of summery nail polish too!

But, as we get older, so many women stop decorating their nails, because they think that like wearing make up, it will make them look silly. But, the point is, that nail polish and Konad is for everyone, from little girls, through to your Granny.

As long as you pick your nail shape and colour wisely, then we guarantee that you will look absolutely gorgeous.

During the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s rounded nails were incredibly popular amongst young women, and so, many of these women, who have now grown up, continue to style their nails in this fashion.This is expected, because it is always hard to get out of the old habits that were used to. But, sometimes adapting a litter for your age, can make you feel confident in yourself and how you look.

Rounded nails are no longer fashionable, and do nothing but age you. Having incredibly long nails will also help to age you, and that is not what you want.

These days, short, squared nails are far more popular in terms of trends, but this trend can work incredibly well for older women, because trimmed, short nails are far more youthful than long nails.

Another habit that many older women fall into is red nail polish. This looked great when you were twenty, but now, many women just look silly. This is pretty much the same for all bright colours: yellows, oranges, hot pinks etc. The colours are just too bold, and will just leave people in the opinion that you are trying too hard to look younger.

Instead, choose a more subtle colour like pastels. But, don’t think that this limits you to browns or pale pinks, because older women can still wear some amazing colours. Do use colours, just use pale shades, rather than bold ones. So, if you really want to wear purple, instead of choosing a shade like Solid Violet, choose a lighter purple, such as R09 Light Violet.

Despite what some people might think, you can wear greens and blues too, but remember lighter colours will look great on you. But, if you reallywant to add a little darkness to your nails, then why not take a full nail design from one of Konad’s image plates, and decorate your nails. Nail Art is so fashionable these days. It allows you to keep up with fashions, and just because you’re aging (trust us, we all have to accept that we are aging), does not mean that you can’t dress fashionably to a degree. Nail Art also allows you to wear your favourite darker shades, but in a much more subtle way.

Just because you’re getting older, does mean that you can not be beautiful,and have beautiful nails. Enjoy your nails, and enjoy how good you look.

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